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How to help!

We still need tons of help in making sure this book is able to be the best it possibly can and fully tells the story of the LGBTQ+ community at Notre Dame. You don't need to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community yourself to help, ally help in this project is necessary and important!
There are a couple main ways we need help with at the moment:
  • Telling your story of being LGBTQ+ at Notre Dame
Your story is so important towards making this book a successful one that truly tells the history of the LGBTQ+ community at Notre Dame and truly is able to help in progressing towards being more inclusive.
  • Editing the stories once they have been submitted 
We need help once people have written out their stories to look over them and help to find any grammatical or spelling errors as well as helping to find the best order to put the stories in so that they have a good flow.
  • Working on finding those willing to tell their stories
The most important job is working on finding stories. Having a diverse set of stories that fully encompasses the LGBTQ+ community at Notre Dame is essential towards making this book effective. As such, people willing to talk to alumni and students and find representative stories is super important.
  • Marketing and art for the book
Cover art, social media, and pushing out information about the book.
  • Helping work with publishing 
In order to make sure the stories are actually able to be read we need those willing to work with publishers, and help the book fully come together.  
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